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About the SOWFIA Project: The SOWFIA project aims to achieve the sharing and consolidation of pan-European experience of consenting processes and environmental and socio-economic impact assessment (IA) best practices for offshore wave energy conversion developments. Studies of wave farm demonstration projects in each of the collaborating EU nations are contributing to the findings. The study sites comprise a wide range of device technologies, environmental settings and stakeholder interests.

About the SOWFIA Data Management Platform: The Data Management Platform (DMP) is an interactive tool designed to present wave energy and Impact Assessment (IA) related information instantaneously in a format suitable for a non-technical audience.

The DMP integrates datasets from the six different sites, providing scientifically robust data on the potential environmental effects of wave energy devices to support consenting and licensing processes. You can find more information on the DMP on the attached document.

The DMP can be used to find detailed information on a particular wave energy project, test site, or to view data regarding one or multiple environmental parameters at the different collaborating test centres.

Disclaimer: Data and reports available through the SOWFIA DMP have been provided by members of the SOWFIA consortium. The consortium accepts no liability for inaccuracies, if any, in presented data. Liability for hosting data on the DMP lies directly with individual partners of the consortium and enquiries should be directed to the relevant partner organisation. In accepting to use the presented data and reports through the SOWFIA DMP , you acknowledge and agree that, other than as expressly set out herein, no promise, representation, warranty (whether express or implied by statute, common law or otherwise) or undertaking has been made or given by the SOWFIA consortium and /or any or all of their affiliates in relation to either: the outputs, outcomes, business benefits or any other benefits which you may obtain from your use of the presented data and reports; or the availability, ability to use and / or accessibility of the presented data and reports, and / or use of the presented data and reports being error free.